“My Friend, Greg Pawlica encouraged me to join this year, 2009. What an experience. To notice the crowd’s faces as we walked by with the photos of all those fallen soldiers, it was truly moving. Women wiping away tears, men with their hat or hand on their heart, soldiers standing at attention and saluting the whole group, the crowd clapping and even small children realized something was up and they would stop smiling. It was the most profound reminder of the holiday I have ever experienced.”  Monica Mills

“We live in Florida my son Jeff Todd and daughter marched in the parade.  She called us and told us about your web page.  It’s a beautiful day to watch ferndale have a parade.  You are doing a great honor to our fallen soldiers.  GOD BLESS AMERICA. from Labelle, Florida thanks Bill and Nancy Todd”

“Last year was one of the most moving things I saw and worked on for a Memorial Day event. What a tribute you have started, Larry.”  Joann Willcock